Women's History Trail Franklin NC


Dorothy Crawford • 2020 Macon Matriarch


On March 24, 2020, Dorothy Rose (Dot) Crawford was recognized as our latest WHT Macon Matriarch. This year, for those of you who might not know Dot, she worked for the Department of Social Services starting in 1952 and was named director of that Department in 1959. Dot retired in 1984 but has continued to serve this community and our state through multiple committees and projects.

Dot is considered a trailblazer in that she was a woman who publicly advocated for others in a society that, in her younger years, was overwhelmingly male-dominated. She dedicated herself to helping local residents improve their lives, particularly the most vulnerable individuals who needed the most assistance. Mrs. Crawford turned 102 on April 24, 2020.

The following words summarized on the WHT Macon Matriarch plaque given by the Women’s History Trail – Folk Heritage Association of Macon County on March 24, 2020, gives a glimpse into Dot’s many outstanding attributes:

“In recognition for your lifelong dedication to the people of Macon County, Western North Carolina and across the entire state of North Carolina. We honor you for your skills in advocating for programs, policies and legislation that benefit some of the most vulnerable people in our society, including older adults, children and people who battle poverty and hunger.


Women's History Trail Macon NC Matriarch Dorothy Crawford

Your name is recognized and respected throughout North Carolina. Therefore Dot, thanks for your Keep on Keepin’ on attitude!”