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From Clay to Bronze • "Our Journey"

Both the Trail and the sculpture began as thoughts in the fertile mind of Barbara McRae. Barbara was a journalist, a historian, a naturalist, a visionary, and a trailblazer. She had particular interest in researching the lives of significant Macon County women whose accomplishments and influences had been unknown or forgotten. In 2017, Barbara met the sculptor, Wesley Wofford, a chance encounter that sparked the creation of Sowing the Seeds of the Future. Barbara had been thinking about the interconnected lives of Na-ka Rebecca Morris, Harriet Timoxena Siler Sloan, and Salley, the enslaved woman, trying to imagine what their everyday lives might have been like in early-19th century Franklin. Wesley immediately embraced the challenge of bringing them to life in a work of art. In May 2018, he presented the maquette – the miniature prototype – of Sowing the Seeds of the Future to the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County and he was enthusiastically commissioned to go ahead with the sculpture.

The slide show depicts pictures of the journey from a miniature clay creation to the 7-foot bronze sculpture you see today.

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Art Quote Women's History Trail

This quote from Janisse Ray, an author who grew up in a small town in Georgia, gives a great description of the importance of art and our goal in the creation of Sowing the Seeds of the Future, as pinned by sculpture Wesley Wofford: “To acknowledge and celebrate women’s contributions, to inspire future generations of girls and women to pursue their dreams, and to challenge us all to learn from the past and aspire for a more equitable future.”

Sowing the Seeds of the Future Sculpture Franklin NC

WHT Sculpture Community Celebration Day

The Folk Heritage Association of Macon County and Women's History Trail saw hundreds of people join in the celebration and dedication of the "Sowing the Seeds of the Future" sculpture at Women's History Park on Saturday, March 23, 2024.

The Unveiling Ceremony, Sculpture Dedication, WHT Trailhead Designation and Donation to the Town of Franklin were all featured during the celebration that began at 11:00am.

Blue Jazz thrilled those in attendance with their music and a special rendention of the Sam Cooke classic, "Change Is Gonna Come". Click here to read all about the celebration and view photos from the day's activities.

Presented with Support from the Town of Franklin, TDA, TDC, Arts Council of Macon County, Cowee School Arts & Heritage Center & Individual Donors.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the many community donors, both individuals and businesses, that made Women's History Park and the "Sowing the Seeds of the Future" Sculpture possible.


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