Women's History Trail Franklin NC


Other Projects of the Women's History Trail


April 2017 • "Women's Voices from Our Past"

The Women's History Trail Project brought history to life with a special program called "Women's Voices from Our Past". Local women, dressed in period attire, portrayed those women at Franklin's First United Methodist Church.

This project's goal was to recognize numerous Macon County women that stand out and deserve recognition either because of their own unique accomplishments or because they help us understand better the lives of other women of their time. Eight different Macon County women were depicted during the special program.

You can download the official program from the day by tapping or clicking here. (The document is in PDF format)

Photos by Jennifer Hock

Cultural Speaker Series at Cowee School Arts & Heritage Center


This video is provided by Cowee School Arts & Heritage Center as part of their Cultural Speaker Series featuring the Women's History Trail. 

This monologue written by former historian Barbara Sears McRae portrays church Sexton (Stan Polanski) and Salley (Jada Bryson).